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Here are a few of the things we are doing before we travel with our furry friend later this week...

Because we're not sedating our dog, we're a little nervous about him barking, howling, or just about anything that will cause us to stress out at 30,000 ft in the air.

Also make sure the carry-on container will fit underneath the seat--which is where fido must be placed on take-off and landing.

Most airlines charge a fee for your pet to travel with you (ours is 0 each way).

The chemical name is Dimenhydrinate and it does suppress motion sickness in animals.

Learn more about Dramamine, as well as a few alternatives, for your pet dog’s sake.

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Slight lethargy tends to reduce feelings of motion sickness and this applies to your buddy too. Sometimes Dramamine is even used for treating Vestibular Disease in geriatrics.Dramamine has long been used for dogs with travel sickness.It’s fairly safe when properly dosed, but sometimes there are side effects.A lot of the times it goes unnoticed because we think just because her dogs that have emotions like we do. Dogs are happy, sad, anxious just like human beings depending on what’s going on around.Luckily it can easily be treated using a simple over-the-counter medication.Kristina Sachs-Barrable, who has two young children.