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How exactly did Black manage to capture an image of a creature that’s otherwise been camera shy for 280 years?Dave Black, who works as a security guard in Atlantic City, told that he spotted the Jersey Devil in Galloway Township on Route 9 near a golf course.

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My coworkers think my gender neutral pronouns are just a product of my liberal upbringing. I think that at times I have too often been complicit in my own bierasure. Today, as the 163rd Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints opens on Temple Square in Salt Lake City [April 1993], few of the faithful will see the humorous side of Elder Oaks, increasingly one of the most high-profile members of the Council of the Twelve.``Some lawyers were so long-winded, they eventually could only see the top of Dallin's head.'' Good thing the bald apostle also is known for retorts.We call upon all members and supporters of Affirmation to nominate worthy candidates for this award for 2017.The most common thing heard in the stories and testimonies of those attending the three conferences in Brazil was that “Affirmation was an answer to my prayers.” For some, it was the answer to months or years of praying for help to reconcile and move forward with their lives as LGBT Mormons.He once told former law clerk Fred Voros: ``The Lord made many heads and those less beautiful he covered with hair.'' Aware that his shiny scalp identifies him, the apostle ``goes around town on personal business wearing a beret,'' says H. The apostle's playful side, however, is matched by a passion for work.