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TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties (TE) is one of the largest connectivity and sensor companies in the world.

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A July 2013 article, about dating on college campuses caused quite a stir amongst parents and teens.

The article suggested not only that “hook ups” were more prevalent than formal relationships, but that many women were initiating these hook ups.

The majority of studies Garcia reviewed on the relationship between hookups and mental well-being involved small samples, mostly taken from one college campus each.

However, Whitbourne participated in a recent study involving 3,900 undergraduates at 30 campuses across the United States.

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Increased attention in the media, popular culture, and scholarship has been paid to the relationship context of adolescent sexual activity.

The terms used to refer to sex outside of the confines of traditional dating relationships range from “hooking up” to nonromantic sex to casual sex.

Researchers found that teens, who showed depressive symptoms were likelier than others to engage in casual sex as young adults.

In addition, those who engaged in casual sex were more likely to later seriously consider suicide.